EcoHuertos Creation Day: Unión Panamericana Secondary School

December 11, 2013


On Wednesday December 11, 2013 an EcoHuertos program garden creation workshop was held at the Unión Panamericana Secondary School in Santo Domingo.

Students from the November 11th EcoHuertos Induction Workshop took part in this activity.

A vegetable and fruit garden was created in the western part of the school directly on the ground with planters measuring 19.69 x 13.12 feet. With the help of a carpenter, students set up a perimeter fence around the garden, which was constructed out of recycled wood pallets.

Students also worked to set up the space before planting, which included pulling out weeds and unwanted growth, preparing the substrate, and delineating the outer edges of each planter with the use of rocks and stones collected on school grounds.

Once ready, the students planted seeds to grow the following vegetables and fruits:  tomatoes, basil, lavender, cilantro, beets, leeks, chili peppers, cubanela peppers, parsley, eggplants, green beans, garlic, garlic, okra, squash, melon, carrots, lettuce and celery.

At the entrance of the vegetable garden ornamentals meant to beautify the space were also planted, including Mirabalis jalapa seeds (the four o’clock flower or marvel of Peru), passion fruit seedlings and oregano.

Since its inception the program has created a total of 26 vegetable gardens across the country in the provinces of Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Cristobal, Baní, Monte Plata, and Azua.

9 Private Schools
Babeque Secondary School
Loyola School
Centro Educativo Los Prados
Rene Descartes School
Calasanz School
Saint George
New Horizons
Escuela Hogar del Niño
Centro Educativo Quisqueya

10 Public Schools:
Fray Ramón Pane School
El Llano Elementary School
Canadá School
Las Barreras Elementary School
Capotillo Education Center
Ave María Polytechnic School
Republic of Paraguay School
Youth in Development School
Quisqueya Education Center
Braulio Paulino Polytechnic School
Unión Panamericana Secondary School
Escuela Básica Concepción Bona

6 Community Centers:
Club Banreservas
Women’s Association of La Nueva Esperanza
Children International’s Community Center in Bayaguana
Fe y Vida Abundante Church Center Foundation
Batey 50 (El Seibo)

5 Family gardens:
Figuereo and Yumary Castillo Family
Bernardina Agramonte Family
Matos Vargas Family
Stalin Feliz Beltré Family
Ramón Rodríguez Bueno


Banco de Reservas
Children International
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales
Centro Cultural Perelló
Red Nacional de Apoyo Empresarial a la Protección Ambiental